Introduction to International Politics

Global Challenges and Policy Responses

Introduction to International Politics makes systematic linkages between theory and policy that do not ignore or slight the conceptual discussion of international relations or simply chase newspaper headlines. Chapters are organized around “Global Challenges and Policy Responses.” The challenges are presented as concrete policy problems relevant to the theme of the chapter. The discussion of responses emphasize concrete actions taken or proposed by international organizations, the foreign policies of key states, international agreements, and actions taken by NGOs. Theoretical insights are used to help students understand challenges, think about solutions, and learn from the past.

Based on a combined fifty years of classroom teaching, Hastedt and Felice possess the uncanny ability to boil down complex ideas and make them meaningful for students. Written in a style that is direct and accessible, Introduction to International Politics offers a concise foundation for any introductory-level student taking an international relations or world politics course.

The text offers students a full suite of pedagogical features and learning aids, including a box program consisting of Policy Spotlights, Theory Spotlights, and Regional Spotlights. Each chapter opens with a Historical Perspective case study of a policy challenge, and closes with a related Contemporary Perspective case study of a similar challenge. Chapter study aids include learning objective at the outset, with a list of key terms and critical thinking questions provided at the end.