Educator & Academic

Dr. William Felice research and scholarship focuses on normative issues of rights and justice within our global society. He has previously served as a representative to the United Nations for a human rights non-governmental organization.

Professor Felice teaches courses in international relations, human rights and international law, ethics and international relations, international environmental law, international political economy and world hunger.

Dr. Felice has developed and organized multiple international programs including Geneva and International Organization, The Hague, Strasbourg, and International Law and The United Nations and Global Politics.

Dr. William Felice with Student

Speaker & Author

Dr. William Felice | Speaker

Professor Felice has lectured widely on international human rights, ethics and international relations, and global poverty and the alleviation of suffering. 

He has authored a number of books including Human Rights and Public GoodsIntroduction to International PoliticsThe Ethics of Interdepedence, The Global New Deal, How Do I save My Honor?, and Taking Suffering Seriously

Dr. Felice’s authorship also includes numerous articles, academic papers and book reviews.