Surgery after a brain bleed changed my appearance. I wish it didn’t matter.

Tampa Bay Times & Huff Post

February 2020

“When I’m out in public now, I notice the looks I get from strangers, most of which seem to say ‘Yikes! WTF!’”

I’ve been a college professor for almost 30 years and during this entire time I’ve passionately enjoyed teaching and mentoring students. Yet as the spring semester kicks off, I am filled with anxiety and fear about entering the classroom.

Everything changed for me during July and August 2019, while I was working hard, enjoying teaching and juggling two book projects. During this busy and fulfilling time, I started to get headaches, which I normally do not get. Over-the-counter pain medications didn’t seem to help and, after the pain became intolerable, I went to the doctor in late August.

A scan revealed bleeding on both sides of my brain, which can be life-threatening. I was immediately taken into surgery to drain the blood and relieve the pressure.

Article | Tampa Bay Times | February 4, 2020

Article | Huff Post | February 13, 2020